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Exiled Vigor
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~Rules of Recruiting posts~

1. Each Clan member who submits a recruit, is allowed to make only ONE thread. If more than one thread is detected with that clan member's name, it will result in a disqualification!

2. Clan members will reuse the same thread by posting a new screenshot.

3. Players who are recruited during the competition must wait a minimum of 7 days before joining the competition.

4.  Recruits that do not reach the minimum standard of the competition (unless waivered) will not count toward total count.

5. Recruits that are Ironmen accounts will not count.

6. Recruits that are found out to be secondary accounts of current clan members will result in an automatic disqualification. (This includes the secondary accounts of the recruiter's friends.)

7. Recruits that are bribed will result in a warning followed by disqualification.  (bribing is a form of cheating)

Criteria for Recruits to count: 

1. Recruits must have at least one level 99 skill or be 1000+ Total level.
2. Recruit must not be an Ironman account.
3. Recruits must not be a secondary account of current clan members.
4. Recruits must be in the clan, and be active, for at least 7 days.

Creating a thread:

When creating a thread, the name of your thread will be your USERNAME. You may not post in any thread except this one to ask questions, or offer constructive suggestions! 


Exiled Vigor is creating an account to add his recruit to the recruiting competition. So Exiled Vigor will name the thread: Exiled Vigor.  Exiled Vigor has a question. Exiled Vigor posts the question here so he will not disrupt other threads.

All threads will be deleted from this topic 10 days after the conclusion of the recruiting competition.

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Exiled Vigor
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Example post

Please use this format: 

///// Make sure  Include my signature (bottom left) is unchecked! \\\\\\\

Recruit's username:  ExampleUser12345

Recruit's total level / skill that has 99: (Total level: 1234) OR (99 = Woodcutting)


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Exiled Vigor
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Please posts all questions and concerns here! Do not disrupt other threads in this topic!

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