Exiled Empire

Multi-Gaming Clan

Exiled Empire Clan Rules.

All rules on this page pertain to the entire Exiled Empire clan. For rules specific to your division or game, please visit the respective section of the clan website.(Coming soon)

Offense system

Breaking the clan rules will result in a set amount of marks, depending on the severity of the offense. You will be notified of any marks made against you. If you feel you have been wrongfully accused of an offense, you may report it and send an appeal directly to your game or division Justice. If your appeal is not read within 72 hours, please notify your game leader and forward it to the next person in your Justice chain. Marks will last for 6 months before being removed from your total. The offense itself will remain for 2 years.



  •  Marks - result
  •         1 - Warning
  • 2 - 24-hour mute.
  • 3 -  Bumped down one rank.
  • 4 - 48-hour mute.
  • 5 - Bumped down one rank.
  • 6 - One week mute & 24 hour ban from all clan activities.
  • 7 - Bumped down one rank
  • 8 - One week mute & 48 ban from all clan activities
  • 9 - bumped down to probation
  •       10 - One week ban.
  •       11 -  Loss of all rank, roles, etc. from all parts of Exiled Empire.
  •       12 - Banned from Exiled Empire



Mark Rule
 2 Abusive Language
 The use of abusive language will not be tolerated. Abusive language in Exiled Empire is classified by the use of insulting language. Example: Any words or discriminatory remarks that demean one's race, sex, cultural orientation, religion, age etc.

Restricted use of "curse words" is allowed if the game allows such language.
 1Spam  Spamming consist of repeating the same message multiple times, the mass use of characters, text drawings of inappropriate objects, etc.  This activity will not be tolerated, as it disrupts clan activity.
 3Advertising unauthorized Websites  Advertising unauthorized websites puts clan members at risk. Websites that have been approved by Exiled Empire, or the games that we support, may be advertised.
 1Begging  Begging consists of constantly asking clan members, or outside players for in-game items or money. This will not be tolerated as it brings negative attention to our community.
12 Third party software  The use of third party software designed to cheat or hack a game will result in an immediate ban from the Exiled Empire clan, with a report to the respective game. We value our honest community. 
 6 Scamming / Stealing Scamming is classified as tricking or luring players for their items. This may be different between games, so this rule will be classified at game level. 
 1Clan staff respect  All clan officers and staff are carefully evaluated before being promoted, and set to take on the roles given to them. Please respect them as they have earned their spot in our clan. If you believe a clan officer or staff is abusing their power or disrespecting clan members, please report them to the Head of Justice, Chief of Command, or Clan leader as soon as possible.
 3 Pornography Pornography is forbidden on all areas of Exiled Empire. 
 2 Racial / Religious Content Racial or religious content pertaining to movements, discrimination, and advertising is forbidden throughout Exiled Empire. This creates a negative atmosphere within the community. Exiled Empire is a clan of equal opportunity.
 2Political Content  All political content is forbidden from Exiled Empire. 

This includes sharing political events, political figures, as well as political parties. If you wish to discuss politics, please discuss that in private outside of the clan.

Clan Time

Upcoming Events

Saturday, Sep 30 at 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Saturday, Sep 30 at 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Sunday, Oct 1 at 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Wednesday, Oct 4 at 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM